Welcome to Renee’s Roca….. my story


   Welcome to Renee’s Roca website.  I hope you enjoy this site and come back frequently to see what is new as the seasons and holidays change.  Originally I made this only at Christmas,  however it was pointed out to me that there is always an occasion to share and enjoy this candy.  As the year progresses  I hope to supply you with articles and stories that will both inform and amuse you.  As I get “older” and “wiser” I find myself exercising my creative juices in both candy-making and writing.  I invite you to join me in this journey.

It all started decades ago when a coworker introduced several of us to her family recipe of Almond Roca. While the ingredients are straightforward, the actual making of the Roca is the tricky part and not for the novice candy maker.    I began to make it for the holidays and it was not long before it became a family favorite.  My brothers have always been my biggest fans and have long encouraged me to bring this to market.  I have always enjoyed making people happy and this candy is sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who takes one bite.

2018 was a big year for  Renee’s Roca !   New labeling along with production in a commercial kitchen makes this candy ready for all takers.   Currently Renee’s Roca is on sale at Basal Cellars Wine store in Woodinville and North Creek Florist on Bothell-Everett Highway.  My focus for 2019 will be to find more wholesale opportunities.  I have jumped through all of the necessary hoops and have my permits and insurance in place.


2019:  Where does the time go?  Renee’s Roca is now coming up on the end of its third year in business.  My goal for this past year was to find some wholesale opportunities to sell my candy.  I am happy to report that Renee’s Roca is now a featured item at the Hilton Hotel in Seattle.  I was introduced to the chef at the Hilton Hotel as he was looking to upgrade what the hotel offered in its gift stores.  Rather than sell traditional candy bars, he added Renee’s Roca to the offerings and sold out in three days!  You will also find Renee’s Roca at Basal Cellars wine store in Woodinville Wa. Look for the addition of more wine stores in the near future.  For 2020 I will continue to pursue wholesale markets and look towards bar coding to eventually find my way upscale grocery stores.

Feel free to contact me with comments, questions or an invitation to sell my candy   rengrant3@gmail.com or 425-417-8852

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