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Remember Renee’s Roca for any occasion.

  Toppings; Milk Chocolate:  with  chopped walnuts Dark  Chocolate: ( Bittersweet) with chopped walnuts White Chocolate: with crushed peppermint or cinnamon candy and drizzled with dark chocolate Sizes:  5.3 ounce bags $7.50  10 ounce bags $14.50 Bakers dozen of each $40.00  You pick the kinds Custom orders or bulk:    $1.35 per ounce 

The creative process at work

Renee’s Roca is now cooking in a commercial kitchen.  Watch for featured images and videos in future postings.  


Welcome to Renee’s Roca…my story

Welcome to Renee’s Roca website.  I hope you enjoy this site and come back frequently to see what is new as the seasons and holidays change.  Originally made for the holidays, there is always an occasion to share and enjoy this candy. It all started decades ago when a coworker introduced several of us to […]

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