Hilltop Holiday Craft Show


Renee’s Roca will be on sale at the Bellevue Hilltop Holiday Craft show at 4825 24th ST Bellevue Wa ( Clyde Hill area)  on December 4-7.  2019.

Remember Renee’s Roca for your holiday treat!

This is bittersweet chocolate with a higher cacao content

Renee’s Roca makes an impression on any occasion.    Slow roasted whole almonds drenched in a rich buttery crunchy toffee with your choice of three toppings:

rr-mcMilk Chocolate:  with  chopped walnuts

Dark  Chocolate: ( Bittersweet) with chopped walnutsrr-white-choc

White Chocolate: with crushed peppermint or cinnamon candy and drizzled with dark chocolate


2.5 ounce bags $4.00

5.0 ounce bags $7.50 

12 ounce bags $15.00


Custom orders or bulk:    $1.55 per ounce 

The creative process at work


Renee’s Roca is now cooking in a commercial kitchen.  Watch for featured images and videos in future postings.  img_8044img_8049img_8050


Premium Roca (made with Kerry Gold Irish butter)

Premium Roca is made with Kerry Gold Irish butter, Organic Cane sugar, Ghirardelli chocolate, and almonds roasted with Olive oil .

So what makes Irish butter better???

“She wasn’t Irish, and neither am I. But some of the best butter with which to slather your toast is.”

In Europe, the cows must eat some gourmet grass, because the milk they produce is creamy. Much of it really does contain a higher percentage of butterfat than you find in American milk, and that translates into fantastic ice cream and wonderful butter. (Though it doesn’t seem to affect the milk, which at least the French drink out of pantry-stable cartons; regarding this, the sixth entry on Oh Happy Day’s list of 10 hard things about living in Paris made me laugh). That deliciously high butterfat content partly explains why you can’t recreate Parisian croissants or Poilâne “punishment cookies” in the U.S. that taste exactly like the real French goodies.


Last summer, in a post about garlic bread, I talked about how much I adore Vermont Creamery’s tube of cultured, salted butter, which is made here in the European sprit. In case you’ve never had it: try it; it’s good. Just about as good is Kerrygold, imported Irish butter that’s golden yellow, slightly tangy, and a little bit salty.
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Welcome to Renee’s Roca…my story

Welcome to Renee’s Roca website.  I hope you enjoy this site and come back frequently to see what is new as the seasons and holidays change.  Originally made for the holidays, there is always an occasion to share and enjoy this candy.

It all started decades ago when a coworker introduced several of us to her family recipe of Almond Roca. While the ingredients are straightforward, the actual making of the Roca is the tricky part and not for the novice candy maker.    I began to make it for the holidays and it was not long before it became a family favorite.  My brothers have always been my biggest fans and have long encouraged me to bring this to market.  I have always enjoyed making people happy and this candy is sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who takes one bite.

“On a scale of one to ten, Renee’s Roca is an eleven.  Any other product out there rates a 2 or 3 in comparison…..   Doug

” There is nothing like it out there” ….  Nick

” Are you sure there is nothing illegal in this stuff?”  Its addicting….   Gary





Classic Traditional Almond Roca


Classic Almond Roca

Toasted whole almonds drenched in buttery rich hard crack toffee.  This delicious treat is topped with milk or dark chocolate then sprinkled with chopped walnuts.  This is the perfect combination of toasted almonds, buttery toffee, chocolate and nuts.  Beware because once you take one bite you will want another.






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